Friday Night Funkin vs Updike V2.0

You may have met this big and scary character in the first part, but he was a little smaller and kinder. Now he has become fat and he has a gang of criminals who do bad things. As you may have guessed, the Girlfriend was captured, from which our main character must free her.

Friday Night Funkin vs Updike V2.0 game will be challenging, especially knowing that your girlfriend is being threatened by villains. Boyfriend will rap to free the girl who is being held by two dangerous criminals. They will only let her go if BF wins against their boss in a music competition, but if he loses then GF will be stolen. You have no choice and therefore you need to sing this difficult song with the highest quality. You need to focus your attention on the arrows that will fly before your eyes. Catch them all so that our captive is free, and the beloved couple is reunited again.

Friday Night Funkin vs Updike V2.0
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