Friday Night Funkin vs Triple Madness Mod

This Friday Night Funkin (FNF) mod will bring a triple madness in which Boyfriend will take part in a musical battle with guys like Tricky, Jeb and Auditor. They are very dangerous opponents and this can be understood immediately, since one of their appearance already causes goosebumps. Our hero is not a coward, and this is not the first time he has to fight them. The situation this time is much more complicated than in the previous parts, as all three conspired and came together in one way to defeat the Boyfriend.

You need to do everything possible to help our boy as much as possible. Alone, he may not be able to cope with such a difficult task, and it will be sad if he loses. At this point, the new songs will play at a very fast pace, but you need to keep your head up high and catch all the moving arrows. If you miss, the bad guys will destroy our singer.

In Friday Night Funkin vs Triple Madness mod, a Girlfriend will also sit on the music speakers, who will root for her loved one. She will surely be in danger if Boyfriend loses this musical battle, so another life depends on you. Good luck.

Friday Night Funkin vs Triple Madness Mod
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