Friday Night Funkin vs Tails.EXE

In this version of Friday Night Funkinм (FNF), you have to fight in a musical battle with the fox Tails.exe, Sonic best friend. A new melody has been added here for you and your opponent to sing and dance to. To become the champion of singers, you need to defeat this fox, otherwise you will be the worst artist.

For a change in Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Tails.EXE game, the main characters have been changed to perceive the environment a little differently. There will be one music track in this FNF mod, but luckily it is new and popular. It is very important not to miss the arrows that move from bottom to top. If you hit the arrow a second later or earlier, you will lose. You need to click at the right time to earn points. You can defeat the fox Tails.exe, but for that you need to finish the song and hit all the arrows.

Friday Night Funkin vs Tails.EXE
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