Friday Night Funkin vs Sonic.ERR (Tails.EXE)

In this Friday Night Funkin mod from the Sonic.ERR section, you will fight in a musical duel with the fox Tails, who has turned into a scary monster .EXE. The beginning of the game will be calm, while the fox will have a normal appearance. But after the reincarnation, the rhythm will become frantic and you will have to strain a lot.

In Friday Night Funkin vs Sonic.ERR (Tails.EXE) game you will find new musical compositions and an enemy with an unusual appearance and condition. After turning into a zombie, he becomes inadequate and very emotional. You need to put up with this and, if possible, press the arrow keys as clearly as possible. The guy will rap in the usual style, making incomprehensible sounds from his mouth. But everyone is used to this and you won’t surprise anyone with such a pronunciation of words on the part of our hero. The main thing is not to let the opponent sing better than Boyfriend. If this happens, the guy will die and the game will have to start over.

Friday Night Funkin vs Sonic.ERR (Tails.EXE)
Play Friday Night Funkin vs Sonic.ERR (Tails.EXE)

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