Friday Night Funkin vs Sans

Compete with Sans in the new Friday Night Funkin (FNF) and prove that you are the best rap artist in this music ring. This opponent is very strong, so prepare with all your might to avoid being left on the list of weak players. This mod will play a cool music track that has become popular outside the game. Many young music lovers listen to it and install ringtones on their smartphones.

The challenge in the game will be difficult for newbies, but if you are an experienced player it will be easier for you to reach the final. According to the rules, you need to catch arrows that will move to the beat of a piece of music. The screen displays the level of your life and your opponent, but do not confuse the direction in which he should go up.

You might like Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Sans mod and place it in the top 10 best music games, but first you need to complete it. Good luck!

Friday Night Funkin vs Sans
Play Friday Night Funkin vs Sans

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