Friday Night Funkin vs Samurai Jack

In the new Friday Night Funkin vs Samurai Jack mod, you will fight against amazing characters who came to FNF from the Far East to defeat the Boyfriend. Each character is absolutely unique and in many ways different from their counterparts.

FNF vs Samurai Jack is filled with amazing musical compositions, under which battles will take place. The first round will begin with a musical battle in which rats will take part, in the hands of which there will be bows and arrows. They are the guards of the castle, so they will carefully observe what is happening around. Taking advantage of a free minute, they managed to sing along with BF. Further, the Girlfriend will meet with the witch by the fire, where she will arrange a musical duel to a cheerful melody. There will also be an interesting level in which the trumpeter, sitting on an armchair, will play his improvisation in the rhythm of the melody.

Friday Night Funkin vs Samurai Jack
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