Friday Night Funkin' vs Pocoyo

FNF vs Pocoyo mod will introduce you to a little rival who will most likely become your faithful and reliable friend. This game is really kind, fun and requires concentration. To win, you must complete tasks. Boyfriend will help you, but do not forget to click on the arrows, otherwise he will remain standing still and the competition will be lost, which is incredibly disappointing, because the tasks are not difficult.

Today in Friday Night Funkin' vs Pocoyo mod you will get to know our guest better. He arrived here from a distant unknown planet and is now diligently trying to settle in a new territory. It is very difficult for him to explore a new world, but he will definitely succeed, because we will help him in this. You can sit comfortably, because several hours of exciting gameplay are already provided to you. Try to score as many points as possible to win, because they open access to the next development of your main character.

Friday Night Funkin' vs Pocoyo
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