Friday Night Funkin vs Phone Guy

A new Friday Night Funkin (FNF) mod where Boyfriend will have a musical battle with Phone Guy via the handset in his office. You are used to the fact that the enemy is always in your sight, but this time he will be far away. You need to control your hero so that he does not get off the musical notes while singing rap.

Friday Night Funkin vs Phone Guy game will have a more or less calm atmosphere and you will not be disturbed by frightening opponents during the song. But still, be careful, as a head will appear from the office doors, which can scare and distract you from singing at the wrong time. You need to be well prepared for different life situations so that you are not taken by surprise. The call is answered by a Boyfriend in a police uniform with a proposal to fight in a musical duel. Since our hero is an experienced player, he could not refuse his opponent in such a situation. On duty in the guise of a policeman, you must show yourself from a worthy side.

Friday Night Funkin vs Phone Guy
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