Friday Night Funkin vs Monika.EXE

Another incredible FNF mod in which you will be the rival of Monika EXE, so you will have to do everything to perform great songs. It all starts, as in previous mods, you can choose any game mode for yourself, for example: single player or the passage of the story.

In Friday Night Funkin (FNF), you have to sing songs against Monika EXE, and who knows, maybe she can do that much better, so you need to give it a try. Why are you singing these songs at all? In order to please the girl, and also to impress her father, who is a rocker in the past, that is, an excellent musician. In order for everything to work out perfectly, you will need to carefully and in time to press the buttons on the arrows floating from bottom to top of the screen.

Friday Night Funkin vs Monika.EXE
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