FNF vs Marrow

Are you ready to hit the arrow keys again at a crazy pace, testing your sense of rhythm? In the game you have to fight with a very terrible and dangerous enemy. This is the former boyfriend of the protagonist, for whose heart our boy in a cap is fighting in the musical ring. This addition to the main storyline will impress true FNF fans.

This time, the location changes in which the battle of the beats will take place. The heroes of Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Marrow game will find themselves in an otherworldly dimension full of demons and other dark forces. This place is not called the Void for nothing. Choose your game mode from the Start menu and face the most terrifying and formidable adversary in this series of games. To defeat the enemy, you will have to strain all your reaction speed and observation. Watch the arrows running towards the enemy and memorize their sequence. When it's your turn to fight, make no mistakes! Press the appropriate keys quickly and move the antagonist icon to the edge of the progress bar. It is a great way to have fun at your leisure.

FNF vs Marrow
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