Friday Night Funkin vs Mario's Madness

In the new Friday Night Funkin (FNF) mod, you will see real Mario's Madness, where your opponent will be very inadequate, because a demon has moved into him. Firstly, he will become much larger than before, and secondly, new sharp teeth will grow in his mouth with which he can bite his opponent. The spectacle is certainly not for the faint of heart, especially for fans of the famous game Mario Bros.

Friday Night Funkin vs Mario's Madness game will play a strange melody that will match the rhythm of the game itself. The opponent will move strangely, trying to scare the Boyfriend with a wave of his long arms. He will lean to the sides, as if he has a spring inside him and he is trying with all his might to free himself from it. These are all the tricks of a demon who has moved into a poor plumber. In order for him to become an ordinary good character, you need to defeat the evil that can only leave him after you win the rap battle. You need to make every effort to destroy the demon in a new musical duel.

Friday Night Funkin vs Mario's Madness
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