Friday Night Funkin vs Lexi

If you think that Boyfriend fans are only in real life, then you are wrong. He is imitated by the characters of the FNF game themselves, as our boy has become very popular and cool. Why is he so popular, you ask? He fought in many musical battles with various dangerous and very experienced opponents in this direction. If you think that this is not enough to become a top rapper, then you probably haven't played this game yet. There were very difficult fashions in which it was almost impossible to win, but Boyfriend overcame all difficulties for the sake of his beloved girl.

A guy has appeared in Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Lexi game who wants to become as cool as our hero. He sings and dances a lot to try his hand at such fights. The boyfriend decided to test him, and find out how well Lexi copes with these tasks. You need to catch arrows and it's time to press the keys. The rules here have not changed much, but a new cool musical composition has been added. Have a good time.

Friday Night Funkin vs Lexi
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