Friday Night Funkin vs Jerry (Tom's Basement Show 1.5)

In this updated Friday Night Funkin mod, Jerry challenges Boyfriend to a musical duel because he wants to win and be the best rapper in the competition. He probably went crazy with such an obsession, and took a knife with him to the competition. If you want Jerry not to harm our main character, then you need to carefully monitor his movements. In the event that he begins to behave suspiciously, you must immediately take measures to protect yourself.

Friday Night Funkin vs Jerry (Tom's Basement Show 1.5) mod will be very difficult, because all the participants who have gathered this time are incredibly well prepared for a musical match. Tom and Jerry become friends, only to hurt Boyfriend even more by getting together in the ring. Our hero, as always, will be supported by a Girlfriend, but she does not sing as cool as BF, and therefore the guy will have to fight off opponents on his own. He needs to catch a huge number of multi-colored arrows moving to the beat of the music that will sound against the background of the battle. Jerry, who has lost control of himself, will sing very cool, threatening his opponent with a large kitchen knife. He is willing to go to great lengths so that his participation in this Friday Night Funkin game will bring him fame among popular rappers. We see that Tom's mood is not entirely cheerful and, perhaps, such rules of the game do not suit him. Most likely, Jerry himself came up with all the dishonest tricks, and therefore he needs to be put in his place so that he calms down and comes to terms with the fact that Boyfriend is more talented than the rest of the players. We wish you good luck and victory, and for this you will have to try very hard.

Friday Night Funkin vs Jerry (Tom's Basement Show 1.5)
Play Friday Night Funkin vs Jerry (Tom's Basement Show 1.5)

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