Friday Night Funkin vs Goku (Funkin Ball Z)

In this new Friday Night Funkin vs Goku (Funkin Ball Z) mod, you will face a very worthy opponent who has long been determined to win this musical battle. Goku hails from a far eastern country where hand-to-hand combat is intensively taught. Today he wants to try his hand at a different craft.

FNF vs Goku (Funkin Ball Z) game will be in anime style, where the enemy will sing, dance and even jump, because he is a ninja. You will definitely like new musical hits and you will be able to sing your rap performance under them. The opponent will be wearing a green training uniform and red boots. In the FNF game, all Goku moves will be like a warm-up before a serious hand-to-hand fight. Most likely this is his habit, because in Friday Night Funkin you need to confidently hold the microphone, and not swing your arms and legs. The main thing is that the Boyfriend behaves with dignity and as expected, because he is a professional in this competition. His behavior has long been familiar to us, and we also know that the winner will be the one who sings the musical composition the coolest.

Friday Night Funkin vs Goku (Funkin Ball Z)
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