Friday Night Funkin vs Finn The Human

This Friday Night Funkin (FNF) mod will introduce you to Finn the Human, who will have to take part in a rap battle to defeat Boyfriend and take first place. This enemy has long intended to overthrow our protagonist and take away his position and glory. But he is unlikely to succeed, since the BF is a very experienced opponent. He got a lot of experience for all the fights he had to go through. The boy is no longer a novice in musical battles, and he is not afraid of any rivals.

In Friday Night Funkin (FNF) game you will hear new melodies to which Finn The Human will dance and sing into the microphone. A responsible mission awaits you, which only a real hero can complete. It will be BF, who has long been in love with a girl and is ready for anything to earn her favor. The girl's parents do not yet allow them to be together, so the Boyfriend needs to prove for the hundredth time that he is worthy of their daughter. During the game, you need to be very careful so that the arrows do not fly off the screen. If you miss a few pieces, you may lose. Also, a certain time will be allotted for the whole game, during which you need to defeat the enemy.

Friday Night Funkin vs Finn The Human
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