FNF vs Corrupted Tricky

This FNF part will create a club party atmosphere where your favorite mod will show you how cool you are. Help the unfortunate Boyfriend catch the rhythm of the rap battle between him and the Girlfriend father. But before the fight, be sure to go through training with a girl, this will give you confidence in your abilities.

The clown character (Tricky) loves to arrange surprises and expect magical compositions from Senpai.

Keep track of the level of success in Friday Night Funkin (FNF) VS Corrupted Tricky game and do not merge at the first failure, and also do not be afraid of magic in the arena and believe in victory. Repeat the tunes and be careful or you won't see the bride. This mod is intriguing from the very beginning, do not miss the novelty that the whole world is talking about. You might be in luck.

FNF vs Corrupted Tricky
Play FNF vs Corrupted Tricky

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