Friday Night Funkin' vs Boss Rush

The guy is extremely persistent and musical. Try to help him defeat all opponents in Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) vs Boss Rush (Full Week) game and win the heart of his girlfriend. She doesn't mind going on a date with a nice guy, but her parents are strict and they don't like the idea. Complete all tests to calm your girlfriend's family. Treacherous ancestors tirelessly send you characters with different cast, but you're not a miss, are you?

Friday Night Funkin' vs Boss Rush

Press the indicated arrow on your keyboard when it passes over the top icon. You need to hit exactly the right moment, and not a moment earlier or later. If you miss, then the action is not counted, and the enemy will move you along the life track.

Choose a ringtone in free mode if you don't want to play the whole story.

Full screen

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