FNF vs Benson 2.0

The updated game is much more difficult and therefore more interesting. Can you win this challenge? Do your best to defeat your opponent and win the favor of the girl's father. Not an easy task, but thanks to the knowledge gained in previous versions, fans of Friday Night Funkin will be able to go through a difficult rap battle.

You shouldn't hope for an easy victory, even if the guy defeated the opponent in the previous rounds of Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) VS Benson 2.0 game. Three completely new compositions Too Slow, Execute and Endless will make even the most dexterous participant of the multi-million dollar game sweat. Benson was introduced in the game as a monster, and his superpowers are reflected in the musical works.

Having defeated the opponent, the gamer will meet with the Friend and help him find a normal habitual state. Press the arrows on the screen carefully and in time, try not to miss a single sign. Friday Night Funkin 'VS Benson mod will give you a lot of pleasant and stressful minutes. Make decisions instantly and do not forget about the main goal - to pull the streak of success to your side.

FNF vs Benson 2.0
Play FNF vs Benson 2.0

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