Friday Night Funkin Twinsomnia (FNF Boy and Girl)

The action in this FNF mod will take place at night when the little boy went to bed. Before he could fall asleep, a night demon appeared to him to test his courage, as well as to find out how developed his vocal talent was. A dark ghost appeared from under the bed on which the boy was lying, and with his terrible appearance tried to frighten him.

Friday Night Funkin Twinsomnia (Boy and Girl) mod will be a little scary, because monsters will come to our hero, with whom he will heroically fight. Of course, these fights will be musical, and you need to carefully capture the rhythm of the melody that will play throughout the game. A girl will come to the aid of the boy and bring their mutual friend with her. In the next rounds of this FNF mod, they will fight together against nightmares that will appear in different guises. You do not need to be afraid of these monsters, because this is just a dream in which our young hero will be throughout all the episodes. In order for him to wake up, you need to pass all the tests. Good luck!

Friday Night Funkin Twinsomnia (FNF Boy and Girl)
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