Friday Night Funkin Thank You Mario

The FNF Thank You Mario mod has taken the internet by storm, featuring an epic musical battle between two iconic characters - Mario and Luigi. This mod has captivated fans of the popular rhythm game, Friday Night Funkin', with its catchy tunes and challenging gameplay. In this mod, players take on the role of Boyfriend as he faces off against Mario and Luigi in a high-energy music battle. The mod features three brand new songs, each with its own unique style and rhythm. Players must hit the notes perfectly to keep up with the beat and ultimately defeat their opponents.

What sets the FNF Thank You Mario mod apart is its attention to detail. The mod features custom-made sprites for Mario and Luigi, giving the battle a fresh and unique look. The background and stage design are also beautifully crafted, transporting players into the world of Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom. Fans of the FNF franchise have praised the Thank You Mario mod for its challenging gameplay and infectious music. The mod has also gained popularity on social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok, with players sharing their experiences and showcasing their skills in the game.

If you're a fan of Friday Night Funkin' or just looking for a new rhythm game to try, the FNF Thank You Mario mod is a must-play. With its memorable music and exciting gameplay, this mod is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Friday Night Funkin Thank You Mario
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