Friday Night Funkin Skeleton Bros

In this Friday Night Funkin (FNF) mod, Boyfriend enters the world of Undertale, where new adventures await him with the skeleton bros Chara, Sans, and Papyrus. Nobody ever felt sorry for our protagonist, so he asserted himself and became so courageous and invincible. In this game, he will have a very difficult fight in a musical duel with these characters. They have long been eager to take revenge on him for all the defeats that the BF inflicted on them.

Friday Night Funkin (FNF) Skeleton Bros mod adds 4 new songs and you can also hear a bonus track if you pass all the challenges to the end. You'll have to work hard to stay the former rap champion, because these guys are serious about winning. Our hero will try to perform all the tracks with the highest quality, but you need to help him with this. If he loses, then all his achievements will lose their meaning, so this should not be allowed in the game.

Friday Night Funkin Skeleton Bros
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