Friday Night Funkin Prey HD

In Friday Night Funkin Prey HD mod, you'll run away from a flying Metal Sonic while driving a classic Sonic and rap during the chase. They will compete and fight until the winner is victorious. The advantage of the iron hedgehog is that he can fly, but this may not always help in musical combat.

Friday Night Funkin Prey HD mod consists of two stages in which Sonic will need to defeat two strong opponents. Both opponents will fly, and our hedgehog will run at supersonic speeds. The second opponent is Dr. Eggman, he also wants to defeat our main character and is making such attempts not for the first time. Sonic is a very accomplished rapper because Boyfriend passed on many of his skills to him. Knowing how talented he is, we do not doubt for a second that he will be the winner among these two opponents.

Friday Night Funkin Prey HD
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