Friday Night Funkin Hedgehoggle

In this new FNF Hedgehoggle mod, Sunky and Fleetway in the winter forest will compete with Boyfriend in a rap battle for the best place among the musicians. They gathered near the beautiful snow-covered Christmas trees, away from everyone, to once and for all determine who has the best vocal abilities.

Friday Night Funkin Hedgehoggle game will be single-level, so if you have experience, then you will not have to play for a long time before winning. The boyfriend will sing a cool rap in his thin voice, and the rivals Sunky and Fleetway will also read in turn in response. Of course, it is easier for them, since there are two of them, but our hero is no stranger to difficulties and he will definitely cope with these persistent hedgehogs. We need to help the guy so that he feels supported and his performance becomes even more professional than it was before this fight. Good luck.

Friday Night Funkin Hedgehoggle
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