Friday Night Funkin Baddies

In this Friday Night Funkin (FNF) Baddies mod there will be a musical battle between two boys and four girls Cassette Girl, Stalker, NekoFreak and Jazz. They will meet in different places and arrange musical battles in which someone needs to remain the winner.

Friday Night Funkin Baddies game is divided into 4 difficult stages, in which characters with different behavior and logic will begin to compete. Basically, all fights will take place in special rooms designed for such events. This will be evidenced by the artificial smoke on the stage and the many fans sitting in the audience seats. The guys in FNF Baddies mod will have a very difficult time, as their rivals Cassette Girl, Stalker, NekoFreak and Jazz are very beautiful girls. Our heroes do not want to offend them, but they cannot lose either.

Friday Night Funkin Baddies
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