FNF X BunnyKill (vs Snowball)

In this fantastic FNF X BunnyKill (vs Snowball) mod you will sing with your opponents to cool and very dynamic music with your mouth wide open. All players will have a new look that will please many fans of Friday Night Funkin with its innovations.

In FNF X BunnyKill (vs Snowball) mod, all participants will have big ears that move funny while singing. It will be a real concert where you will notice a lot of spectators who came to support the singers of this musical battle. Boyfriend and Girlfriend will be in the form of rabbits, which in itself looks very unusual. As always, you have the honor to control the main character, who has already conquered hundreds of rivals in similar musical arenas. For this tradition to continue, you need to take an active part in the proper management of the main character. If you make a mistake and miss the flying arrows, then your opponent can win.

FNF X BunnyKill (vs Snowball)
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