FNF vs Whitty Remixed

Daddy Dearest, Girlfriend's father, faces incredible challenges and invites the most talented musicians to take part in a musical battle. After a battle with the likes of Huggy Wuggy and Shaggy, who have undermined Boyfriend's confidence, a man comes on stage with a bomb instead of a head. One wrong note and karaoke will be shattered.

But who can win Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Whitty Remixed (Full Week) game against a blue-haired character in love with a princess? The odds for a kamikaze are close to zero. But everything will be decided by the ending. Don't be so jubilant. Reach out your fingers and start the fight. Press arrows with cosmic speed and surrender to the power of music and rhythm. Only three stages will determine the outcome of events, only 3 songs will make it clear: you are on horseback or on the other side of life. Don't miss the opportunity and get down to business right away.

Clown and Lemon Demon are on their way. Before you have time to look back, there will be no rivals, but in general from the explosion everything will turn to ash. Whitty doesn't have to win. At any cost, try to defeat the monster, only your perseverance can save the bride and live happily ever after.

FNF vs Whitty Remixed
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