FNF vs TruSky

In this new FNF vs TruSky mod, you will stumble upon a large group of girls who will sing professionally while rapping to the most popular tunes. Take care of the nerves of your main character, because his strength is at the limit. He's ready to take on Friday Night Funkin's musical battle every day, but when he has to fight against a crowd of opponents, it's already too much.

Friday Night Funkin vs TruSky game consists of many rounds in which a Boyfriend and Girlfriend take turns defeating creative rivals. The first duel will start in the quietest place in the park, near a regular bench. After each victory, the next level will become more difficult both with music and with the enemy himself. We need to sing as cool as possible so that our hero does not embarrass himself. You can't let him lose, so catch the arrows and watch your fingers carefully.

FNF vs TruSky
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