FNF vs Tord Red Fury

This is a new version of FNF featuring Tord, but this time it's called Red Fury, as our character will be constantly unhappy during the musical performance. He came with his robot to fight our hero Boyfriend and become the best rapper in this game. But we have more experience than our opponent, and therefore we will not allow ourselves to be offended.

In FNF vs Tord Red Fury game, all the characters will be drawn much better than in the first part. There will also be a lot of new and cool music that will appeal to the most on-foot players. If you have not been familiar with Tord before, you can play the first part on our website. This guy is dressed in a red hooded jacket and has a wonderful hairstyle on his head. For some reason, he also wears a chin band, most likely because he got into a fight with someone. You, as always, need to sing and dance well so as not to lose to your opponent. The main thing is to catch the arrows that will appear on your monitor to the beat of the music.

FNF vs Tord Red Fury
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