FNF vs The Walten Files

In the new FNF vs The Walten Files mod, all characters are drawn in a completely different way, and this makes it very different from other versions. Boyfriend and Girlfriend will face many opponents in musical battles, despite the fact that many of them are very professional players. They accept a challenge from all the characters, because the fate of this couple in love depends on the outcome of the battles.

FNF vs The Walten Files mod has many different and very interesting characters that will sing and dance well to take first place among rappers. Cool musical compositions will be the basis for a good mood and desire to play this new FNF mod. If you want to start a game with an opponent from the list, then you have a choice by opening the freeplay mode in the menu. When you pass all the levels, your main characters will be able to calmly be together, without fear that the parents of the Girlfriend will forbid them to meet.

FNF vs The Walten Files
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