FNF vs Tails Secret Histories

Friday Night Funkin (FNF) opens up a new Tails Secret Histories mod for you, where you will fight a fox that has turned into a big and vicious monster. You could play with this character before, but he looked very different and was not as big and powerful. This mutant has become very dangerous, but Boyfriend still needs to join the rap battle in order not to lose the title of the best singer.

In FNF vs Tails Secret Histories game, Fox will also take on Sonic, who dreams of becoming an A-list singer. You will have the opportunity to choose your own hero to continue the game. This mod features new music hits that you probably already know. During the last stages of the game, bonus music will play. The characters will be depicted in the usual style and color scheme. Be careful with your opponent, as during the singing he becomes enraged and can scare the most vulnerable participants in the battle.

FNF vs Tails Secret Histories
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