FNF vs Springtrap

In this version of Friday Night Funkin (FNF), Boyfriend will be fighting Springtrap, who will be singing Springlock song, so these verses will be difficult.

This animatronic is very creepy, and not every player wants to sing with him, as you can get very scared. But if you went to this page, then you are not shy and ready to prove to your opponent that you are a real hero. Start playing in the easiest mode for a gaming experience. If you choose the hardest mode, you may not be able to reach the final, as the melody will be very dynamic. In Friday Night Funkin (FNF), you need to defeat Springtrap to prove to all your fans once again that you are the best singer in this game. If you lose, do not be discouraged, because the battle can be restarted and achieve the desired result of victory. The main thing is to catch arrows in time. Good luck!

FNF vs Springtrap
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