FNF vs Spongebob V3 (Parodies)

In Friday Night Funkin vs SpongeBob V3 (Parodies) mod, our friends get into the underwater world, where they are waiting for musical battles with the locals. They will all take turns trying their hand at rapping to see how talented each member is.

FNF vs SpongeBob V3 (Parodies) mod is very cool designed, because all the characters will look funny, and here you will hear new songs. Our main characters will also change a little and this will give you a lot of pleasure and fun. Patrick will become a huge starfish that will move awkwardly through the music scene. Squidward with a huge nose will make every spectator present laugh, although he will try very hard to win. SpongeBob, as always, will be positive, and his bold actions will cheer you up for the best gameplay. We wish you good luck and victory in this cool FNF game.

FNF vs Spongebob V3 (Parodies)
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