FNF vs Speedrunner Mario

If you are a speedrunner and fan of Mario games, then you will definitely love this Friday Night Funkin (FNF) mod. In free play, you will meet several interesting characters to choose from. But if you want to go through all the rounds from start to finish, choose Story Mode. This is certainly not the most difficult mod, but newcomers still have a lot of work to do to get to the final round of the musical battle.

Don't be so overconfident if you think FNF vs Speedrunner Mario game is very easy to beat. This is not at all the case, because many players cannot even finish the first round. Therefore, first you need to try your hand at musical battles, and then it will become clear what kind of specialist you are in such matters. The rules here are, of course, very simple and straightforward, you only need to press four buttons on the keyboard to catch the arrows that move up. Challenge yourself, perhaps you are a master in similar applications.

FNF vs Speedrunner Mario
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