FNF vs Sonic.Exe The Last Round

In the new super cool Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Sonic.Exe The Last Round mod, you will meet a very dangerous blue monster that looks like a hedgehog again. He is filled with evil and hatred for his rivals in the musical battle, as Boyfriend always defeats him. He has a lot of strength and tenacity, but he lacks talent compared to our main character.

FNF vs Sonic.Exe The Last Round mod will be slightly modified, and new music tracks will sound throughout the battle. You need to show perseverance and patience in the competition with this monster so that the enemy has no chance of winning. To do this, catch the rhythm of the music and deftly press the arrow keys. These buttons will be responsible for the pronunciation of the words of your main character. If you lose the rhythm in Friday Night Funkin mod and miss the arrows a few times, then Sonic.exe will start to win. You need to be on the side of good and light, so don't give up and try to defeat evil.

FNF vs Sonic.Exe The Last Round
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