FNF vs Sonic.exe 3.0 (Cancelled Build)

In this incredible FNF vs Sonic.exe 3.0 (Cancelled Build) mod, you'll meet famous heroes hungry for victory on the Friday Night Funkin battlefield. They gathered in a large group to arrange another competition in musical style. Each participant will fight with incredible passion to punish their opponent.

FNF vs Sonic.exe 3.0 (Cancelled Build) mod became popular in a matter of hours, because all opponents are very famous and have many fans. The musical accompaniment here is also at the highest level, because only hits are selected. In addition to Sonic.exe, Majin, Encore and Tails will take part in the game. This Friday Night Funkin mod belonged to a cancelled build because all the contestants that are here have accumulated a lot of experience in the music industry and it has become incredibly difficult to compete with them. Boyfriend is ready for various surprises that his enemies can bring. He knows that Tails has been training for a long time to avenge his last musical duel. Another ill-wisher Majin will also try to gain more ratings.

Sonic.exe has waited until Friday Night Funkin V3 and is already struggling to get the best score in the competition. You need to be very careful with these guys, because in this fight they will be ruthless and dangerous. You need to actively catch arrows and closely monitor the standard of living. Good luck!

Updated: Added new songs (Endless, Milk, Malediction) and minor improvements (July 16, 2022)

Updated: Added new songs: Final Escape, Manual Blast, Substantial, Forestall Desire, and My Horizon (July 21, 2022)

FNF vs Sonic.exe 3.0 (Cancelled Build)
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