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FNF VS Skelly Mod: A Bone-Chilling Musical Battle! If you're a fan of Friday Night Funkin', then you're probably already familiar with the numerous mods that have been created by the community. Each mod offers a unique experience, from new characters and songs to challenging levels that put your rhythm skills to the test. Among the many mods that have been released in 2021, FNF VS Skelly Mod stands out as one of the most bone-chilling and exciting.

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What is FNF VS Skelly Mod?

FNF VS Skelly Mod is yet another Friday Night Funkin' mod from 2021, remastered and ported to Psych Engine. As the name suggests, the mod introduces a new character named Skelly, who is a skeleton with a passion for music. Skelly challenges Boyfriend to a musical battle, and it's up to you to help Boyfriend prove his worth and come out on top.

The mod features four new songs, each with its unique beat and rhythm. The first song, "Bonecrusher," sets the tone for the rest of the mod, with its fast-paced beat and bone-chilling sound effects. The second song, "Skeleton Dance," is a more upbeat and playful tune that will have you tapping your feet and nodding your head. The third song, "Skelly's Theme," is a hauntingly beautiful melody that showcases Skelly's musical prowess. The final song, "Bone Collector," is the ultimate test of your rhythm skills and will have you sweating as you try to keep up with the beat.

The Design and Gameplay

FNF VS Skelly Mod features a unique art style that's both spooky and cute. Skelly is designed with attention to detail, from the cracks in his bones to the way his eyes light up when he's in the groove. The levels are also well-designed, with colorful backgrounds that change with each song. The gameplay is challenging, but not impossible, with each song ramping up the difficulty gradually. You'll need to be quick on your feet and have a good sense of rhythm to make it through all four songs.

One of the things that make FNF VS Skelly Mod stand out is the character of Skelly himself. He's a well-designed and likable character that's easy to root for, even if you're playing as Boyfriend. His backstory is also interesting, with hints of a dark past that make him all the more intriguing.

The Modding Community

FNF VS Skelly Mod is just one of many mods that have been created for Friday Night Funkin'. The modding community is incredibly active and creative, constantly coming up with new characters, songs, and levels. Mods like FNF VS Skelly Mod keep the game fresh and exciting, giving players a reason to keep coming back for more.


If you're a fan of Friday Night Funkin' and looking for a new challenge, then FNF VS Skelly Mod is definitely worth checking out. With its bone-chilling music and well-designed levels, the mod offers a unique experience that's both spooky and entertaining. The modding community continues to impress with their creativity, and FNF VS Skelly Mod is just one example of the fantastic content that they're creating. So grab your keyboard, turn up the volume, and get ready to dance your way to victory!

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