FNF vs Simpsons

Music lovers in FNF vs Simpsons game are waiting for remixes of the original soundtracks and a new look of the characters. A great opportunity to test yourself for sleight of hand and reaction speed, and, of course, have fun at your leisure. Can you keep up with the crazy rhythm of the melody and hit the arrows clearly?

Choose a mode and difficulty level and get ready to carefully look at the screen and press the keys clearly with your fingers on the keyboard.

To complete the entire FNF vs Simpsons game, you need to defeat Homer's rival, who, as it turns out, is also great at singing and dancing. Every week you face three desperate and warlike opponents. No one is going to fight with swords, but all opponents will fight each other in a musical battle. You can track your results in the bottom bar.

FNF vs Simpsons
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