FNF vs Santiago (Sonic)

In this new FNF mod, Sonic and his friend Santiago will be testing each other to see who is the best singer and dancer in the music scene. They love the attention of the audience very much, but in order to always be on top, you need to train a lot. Without experience, you can overestimate your capabilities and disgrace yourself in front of a large audience.

FNF vs Santiago (Sonic) mod will be like a training session between two friends, but each of the hedgehogs still wants to win. A cool music track will sound, under which our heroes will begin to sing and move cool. For fans of Sonic the Hedgehog, this mod will become one of the most beloved, because it is not very difficult and will cheer up many. You need to catch all the arrows and carefully monitor your life level, which is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Your hedgehog icon will move left or right, depending on how clearly you press the buttons.

FNF vs Santiago (Sonic)
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