FNF vs Pokemon Red Version

Boyfriend from the Friday Night Funkin (FNF) game wants to do his best to win the red version of the Pokémon musical battle (Pikachu and Charizard). It is extremely difficult to do this, because the father of the beloved is a former musician who performed in a rock group.

You will have two opponents in FNF vs Pokemon Red Version game, so it will be much more difficult, but you must definitely win this musical duel. In this mod, to start playing, you will need to select the desired mode. Here you will meet completely new heroes, it will be extremely difficult to defeat them, but you will definitely be able to. The battle will take place not on the stage, but on the flying stones. The guy this time will be on the left, and the rivals on the right. To be successful, you will need to hit the keys on your keyboard in a timely and accurate manner.

FNF vs Pokemon Red Version
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