FNF vs Plants vs. Rappers

This version of Friday Night Funkin (FNF) will amaze you even more when you fight plants as zombie rappers. The plot is taken from the famous game Plants vs. Zombies, but here is a slightly different game meaning. You will sing songs and fight in a musical battle with plants. They will shoot at your character when he doesn't hit the notes correctly.

A fun FNF vs Plants vs. Rappers mod in which the rules of the game world will be slightly different from the original ones. Many fans will want to take part in these rap battles because it's fun and different. It has colorful graphics that will appeal to many players. Something went wrong and our heroes turned into zombies who want to devour plants on their way. But they have a different goal - they want to get married, and for this you need to learn how to sing cool. Take this moment to show everyone what the great rapper Boyfriend has become today.

FNF vs Plants vs. Rappers
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