FNF vs Pinkie Pie (Elements Of Insanity)

In this FNF mod, everything will be complicated and unusual, because Pinkie Pie went crazy and began to show elements of insanity right on the music scene. She took a chainsaw and began to swing it in front of the audience. Such strange behavior will make many fans of this character think.

In Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Pinkie Pie (Elements Of Insanity) game, you will also meet another character from the My Little Pony cartoon. He will simply become a competitor of this crazy girl. You need to sing a rap song as cool as possible to prove to everyone that your character is not a coward. If you lose, then many viewers will think that it was due to fear. You are a brave opponent and have never been afraid of anything, so you need to prove your greatness. Click on the arrow buttons to play the right musical notes at the right time. Good luck.

FNF vs Pinkie Pie (Elements Of Insanity)
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