FNF vs Pibby Zero Monster

In the new FNF vs Pibby Zero Monster mod, you will meet Sonic, who will look different than in the classic, and then turn into a vicious rival. His goal in this Friday Night Funkin game is to defeat our protagonist in a musical duel and take the lead on the playing field.

FNF vs Pibby Zero Monster mod will start at a moderate pace, but after the reincarnation of our opponent, the rhythm will accelerate dramatically and you will have to tighten up. Also, the more evil version of Sonic will be aggressive, so you'll need to be careful when you're with him in the music scene. When he raps, his movements will be very chaotic so you don't have to get close to him. On his paws you can see large claws with which he can hook the BF during the competition. You need to control your character so that the enemy could not win. Good luck!

FNF vs Pibby Zero Monster
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