FNF vs Pibby Steven and Spinel

Prove that you are more musical than the scary Pibby Steven and Spinel. You are going to face a character from a horror game who is not averse to scaring young children and adult players. It challenges you and you need to keep up with the rhythm of the melody to win. Can you tap the arrows flying up in time to move your opponent's icon to the edge of the scale?

You can play these funny musical battles at any age. Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Pibby Steven and Spinel game has become so popular that fans of the genre have already made many updates and additions to it. New heroes and melodies, additional levels and modes, themed backgrounds and heroes from the most famous computer games will impress any music lover. Show your skill and attentiveness, use your sense of rhythm and ability to defeat the enemy.

This is a great way to have fun and stretch your fingers. The player needs to have time to press the keys corresponding to the arrows on the screen. When the next arrow flies through the panel on the right side of the scene, you need to clearly press that same arrow on your keyboard at some point.

FNF vs Pibby Steven and Spinel
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