FNF Vs Pibby Corrupted Oswald

FNF mod in which you have to fight a difficult enemy. You will play as a terrible opponent named Pibby Oswald, only this time in corrupted version. This character is black, or he predominates in this color. He looks very cartoonish and weird, so you need to take him very seriously so that he doesn't kill you outright.

There are a lot of new tracks in Friday Night Funkin (FNF) Vs Pibby Corrupted Oswald mod, so play them with pleasure. Train and then enter the music stage to battle this opponent. Do not forget that to be successful you will need to hit the arrows on your keyboard on time and carefully. If you hesitate, you may lose and you will have to start over. Tune in to victory and you will succeed.

FNF Vs Pibby Corrupted Oswald
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