FNF vs Pasta Pricks (Hypno's Lullaby V2)

FNF vs Pasta Pricks (Hypno's Lullaby V2) mod is a popular rhythm game that pits two characters, Hypno and Gold, against each other in a musical battle. The game features one song that plays while the two characters make their way to the bar for Hypno's Pasta Night.

Gold has some questions for Hypno during their journey, but Hypno seems to be in a bad mood and doesn't take kindly to Gold's inquiries. The tension between the two characters is reflected in the game's music, which features intense and fast-paced beats.

Players must hit the notes in time with the music to score points and win the musical battle. The game's difficulty increases as players progress, with more complex rhythms and faster tempos to challenge their skills.

FNF vs Pasta Pricks mod has become a fan favorite among rhythm game enthusiasts, thanks to its catchy soundtrack and challenging gameplay. Fans of the game can't get enough of the intense musical battles between Hypno and Gold, and many are eagerly awaiting future updates to the mod.

FNF vs Pasta Pricks (Hypno's Lullaby V2)
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