Friday Night Funkin vs Pac-Man

This new Friday Night Funkin (FNF) mod offers the most unusual opponent of Pac-Man, this character's body is round with a big toothy mouth that devours bombs. Try to beat this antagonist in the rap battle and not explode if you lose. In this version of the game, to start the battle with this character, you need to select the second week of the story mode in the menu.

In Friday Night Funkin vs Pac-Man game, repeat the melody after the antagonist by pressing the arrows flying up on the keyboard. Each click must be done in time for the colored arrow to take its place in the top row. If you are a little late or in a hurry, you will lose part of your life on your scales. Pass all the tests and help Boyfriend to win the heart of the Girlfriend. Exciting entertainment for boys and girls of all ages.

Friday Night Funkin vs Pac-Man
Play Friday Night Funkin vs Pac-Man

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