FNF vs Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

This is a fun and musical adventure in FNF, where the main character Boyfriend will fight in a rap battle with Lucky Rabbit. The plot of the rhythm game is based on the exact reproduction of the melodies of other characters. At first it may seem like easy fun, but then the excitement will cover every gamer. Choose the game mode and join the battle for life and death.

Help the Boyfriend take possession of the beauty's heart in Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Oswald the Lucky Rabbit game and prove that you are a musician with great talent. The beauty's mom also takes part in Friday Night Funkin missions and tries in every possible way to ruin the boy's reputation. Don't give up if you fail, and be confident in your strengths. Good luck.

FNF vs Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Play FNF vs Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

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