FNF vs One Night at Flumpty

FNF musical arcade game is already known in many variations, but you've never met the characters from One Night at Flumpty in battles before. Some programmers are not averse to making additional mods for Friday Night Funkin, so it's time for real heroes to plunge into this game. Perhaps, over time, part 2 (Corrupted) will appear, but let's get acquainted with the first for now. On the menu you will find many remixes of famous test soundtracks.

Challenge FNF vs One Night at Flumpty game's antagonists by entering a rap battle with them. Repeat sounds after the melody using the arrows on the keyboard. But just clicking on them is not enough. Each press must be timely, otherwise the opponent will win. On the scale of life, you can observe your condition. Follow the accelerating rhythm and focus on the screen. The game will appeal to gamers of all ages.

FNF vs One Night at Flumpty
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