FNF vs Obunga Beatbox Meme

In the new Friday Night Funkin vs Obunga Beatbox Meme mod, you will fight a musical duel with Barack Obama's parody character, who has a very long face. This character also took part in Five Nights at Freddy's, scaring young children by wandering around the scary rooms.

FNF vs Obunga Beatbox Meme (Roblox Nico's Nextbots) mod will be a little scary and not all players will want to play with this terrible opponent. He has scary big eyes with which he will stare from the monitor screen. Also, throughout the round, a psychedelic melody will sound, which can negatively affect the nerves. Boyfriend is not at all afraid to enter into musical duels with such opponents, because this guy is fearless. We wish you victory in this difficult battle.

FNF vs Obunga Beatbox Meme
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