FNF VS MX: Doomsday

The super cool FNF VS MX: Doomsday mod will have two strong monsters, Lord X and Mario, who will fight Boyfriend first and then each other. It will be an unforgettable sight, knowing how much these characters yearn to defeat their opponent.

In the first round of FNF VS MX: Doomsday mod, huge Mario and little Boyfriend will rap professionally, each hoping to defeat the enemy. Next, Lord X will enter the musical battle, who will sing his song with a scary and very angry expression on his face. BF will not be afraid, because he is a real brave man and is always ready to accept a challenge from the most dangerous opponent. In the third round of the FNF mod you will be surprised because these two monsters will fight each other. This battle will be unforgettable with many dangerous moments accompanied by cool music. Luigi will also join the company of participants, but only in the last round. Play and have fun!

FNF VS MX: Doomsday
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